Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Minecraft 2d - The Best Choice for Minecraft Games Beginner

  • You are an addict to online games. Have you ever heard of Minecraft - the biggest game community around the world with tens of millions of players talking about every day?
  • Do you know Lego games? It is really great, right? Do you want to challenge your skills and abilities on making many plans on building your houses or buildings, or even large with a kingdom by blocks?
  • Are you a new beginner to Minecraft games without knowing where to make the first starting point?

Every day, more and more players are going to join in the big community, and nearly all players who uses PC or laptop as their main device on playing games admit that the best choice in all 2d Minecraft games online free for newbies is Minecraft 2d. Do you know why and how many of them voted this?

Minecraft 2d Game - Good to Give it a try!

Minecraft 2d Game

To anyone who has just opened this game for the first time, it is quite boring since you will see nothing, no trees, lake, sun, clouds, or any buildings. Besides, if the players let the main green character fall downwards without any blocks to stand on, he will die and it is over. The last is the gameplay zone is limited. So, what is good here?

Despite a few unattractive points above, Minecraft 2d offers you all of the blocks in different types in order to put on the ground and in a logical way. To make them appear, you have to make a on-time combination of left-mouse click and a chain of keys like, Z, X, C, V, B, N, and M. Each will stand for a different tile of block such as wood, coal, metal, TNT, sand,... This point makes it unique since as usual the players have to mine blocks by themselves and then craft the items needed for building following the tutorial. It is brilliant, right?

Now, do not stay hesitant anymore. Just go ahead and give it a try now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 10 Hottest Minecraft Skins In 2015

To people, discovering the Minecraft world is an exciting and awesome experience. What could be more wonderful when creating splendid structures by yourself as well as joining in big fights to protect your accomplishment! Have you ever heard about a magical tool that can help you change Minecraft characters’ skins? It’s called Minecraft Skin Creator 2d Minecraft games. Whenever entering, you will be supplied a special pen so that you might do anything or create a new skin for the character in your Minecraft world. Are you ready to find out the top 10 hottest skins? Then do one by yourself. Come with us now!

Minecraft Skins - Minecraft 2d games

Here are 10 best Minecraft skins 2015

  1. Stormtrooper – This skin is created by a crazy Minecraft fan. It’s known as the best soldier of the Galactic Empire in Star Wars. Have you ever watched a series of Star Wars? Remember this character, right? With two decisive colors as white and black, the character is so impressive.
  2. Dwarf Red Beard – Do you know dwarves? They are creatures look like small men who have special powers and often live under the ground. This skin was created by Kyn for 4 years ago.
  3. Ironman – If you are a fan of Marvel comics, it’s certain that you know Iron man – one of the strongest heroes. Look at his wonderful skin – red skin with a yellow face. So cool, right?
  4. Batman – Another hero named Batman was designed and uploaded by Greenlantern2772. You just pick up the pen and then choose the black color to complete his familiar outfit. Don’t forget to cover his head with a black mask, too.
  5. Assassins Creed Altair – The assassins can move in the shadow, avoid discovery and crash when no one expects it. Furthermore, they can leave no witness behind. Of course, nobody knows their real face. That’s why you will not see the exact face of this skin.
  6. Link – This character is known as a naïve and young hero. He is always fighting to save his own world from dangerous evils. His main weapons are shield and sword.
  7. Yeti – One of the hottest Minecraft skins is Yeti. It’s a mysterious inhabitant of snowy mountains, and it was created by a Minecraft veteran. This character always keeps himself and avoids contacting the others. If he is provoked, he will fight.
  8. Disciple of D’Sparil – With an admiration to the classical shooter – Heretic, this special character is known as a turbulent wizard who has succumbed to his craving for power.
  9. Templar of Righteousness – Templars are known a mythic order of knights, devoted to doing something good. They often draw inspirations from their strict moral code that stops them from hurting the innocent.
  10. Ghost Herobine – With all-black skin, this character is described as the mythical Minecraft bogyman – Herobine. In case that you connect it with scary messages and accidental constructs, it will be a cool way to go crazy your friends.

With all the most popular skins here, want to create one, all Minecraft guys? Why don’t you enter Skincraft  game and make one? Let’s try and hope you get more fun!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Skincraft 2 – A Great 2d Minecraft Skin Editor

Come on and do not lose a cool chance to create an impressive avatar in Skincraft 2 now. Actually, there are many wonderful tools waiting for you to explore them. Take your time to see how you can do to have the nicest avatar. Hurry to play this great Minecraft Skin Editor in 2d Minecraft games online now.
Skincraft 2 game - Minecraft skin creator

This version is not the same as other Minecraft Skin game. Players have a right to do what they want to change their character’s skin according their way. First of all, please move to New Skin mode to select a cool structure. Your character can be a white-block man, a robot, or a handsome Minecraft boy. The players will be more creative than ever as they choose Custom mode. 

Skincraft 2 game - Minecraft skin maker

With Custom, they are free to create their own avatar as they expected. The players will use a color pencil and select their favorite colors to paint them on each part of the body to have the impressive skin. If they do any thing wrong they can delete. Let’s make your character’s skin grateful, guys.

With Pre-made mode, the players don’t need to think of anything so much. All is available. They just choose each part of the body and change its skin. However, the skin of their character is red only. That is not great. Try to combine both of these modes and generate your avatar.

Interestingly, fans can connect 2 layers to create their character’s skin. In some cases, they will use Custom to customize a part of the body. Use Pre-made to decorate the part they cannot do. There are many things you have yet to unlock. Let’s play it and change your avatar into the unique one. Have fun with this Minecraft game!

Play the game with the mouse only.

Monday, July 20, 2015

2d Minecraft MC Quiz Unblocked Games

Enjoy Minecraft Quiz series to see how many percent you can grasp Minecraft. As knowing, Minecraft has thousands of games like action, strategy, creative, puzzle, and shooting. All of them are summarized in these cool 2d Minecraft games. In addition to playing current 2d Minecraft games, you can get to know a lot about Minecraft. In another way, you may check what you have known about it and learn more by beating Minecraft Quiz series. It’s time for you to get to know everything around Minecraft.

To test your Minecraft understanding, you should answers all challenging questions in Minecraft MC Quiz. This game is suitable for anyone who has just taken part in Minecraft for a few months. Take your time to review important information or anything related to Minecraft. There are 20 questions in the game. Players need to be careful in each question to answer it correctly. Remember that each quiz includes 3 optional answers. Try to consider each option intently before giving the final answer.

Every question mentions each detail in each game. Besides, it contain general information like what kind of Minecraft is sandbox, textbox, or nether. The game lets you know that you not only get to know Minecraft via its games, but also read its reviews online. If you do that well, these 20 quizzes are easily beaten. If the players respond to any question wrong, they can keep going forwards or restart it again with no point. Each quiz is worth 1 point. Once reaching 20 points, you are a master of Minecraft because no one can answer over 10 questions correctly. Let’s see how many challenging quizzes you can beat. Try hard to answer the interesting questions of the quiz well and Play 2d Minecraft Quiz games to get to know more about Minecraft world, guys!

Use the mouse to choose answers.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Play Best Mine Blocks Game Version With 2d Minecraft

There are many cool Mine Blocks versions in the world of 2d Minecraft games online free, but I’m just interested in 2 best ones. They are Mine Blocks 1.24 and Block Miner. Let’s find out differences and excitements from them now!

Mine Blocks 1.24

Use your wisdom and creativity and visit Mine Blocks 1.24 to build nice constructions according to your own way. Its 2D world makes your desired space more fabulous and beautiful than ever. Start finding an impressive place for your own space. Interestingly, players have chances to establish a peaceful kingdom under the ground, on the land, or even at the bottom of the sea. All of these depend on their imagination. Why don’t you build a marvelous castle in the ocean and a mansion on the ground? You will be the king who rules the world.
Mine Blocks 1.24

Firstly, the players take their powerful pickaxe to mine blocks on the land to collect some important materials like dirt, sand, rocks, iron and stones. Take the saw to cut trees down to craft wooden planks. Next, place them to set up their luxurious castle. Make it more awesome by creating a farm to feed animals, a garden to plant flowers, or a big lake to fish. They can also do anything here if they want.

At the end of the game, they go for a walk to have cool ideas of nice backgrounds for the world and change its scene into an outstanding landscape. Try to grow more moon fruit trees, flowers, and saplings around. Generate defensive fences to protect their kingdom and craft some furniture to decorate the castle. Play Mine Blocks games to build your own structures!

Block Miner

Mine Blocks 1.24 and Block Miner have the same task of creating the wonderful spaces. However, each of them has a different way to generate them. With Mine Blocks 1.24, you are in a real-like world, but you are in a big frame in Block Miner.
Block Miner

Once opening Block Miner, the players are interested in the scene in front of their eyes. Look! No wild world, no tree, no animal, and no people are here. It’s just the big frame. With most of the 2d Minecraft games free; especially, Mine Blocks 1.24, a grateful world shows up with colorful saplings, flowers, trees, and animals. Moreover, they must destroy blocks on the ground to find materials. Then, craft stuff for decorating the structures. With this game, all things even the materials and stuff are on the screen. They just use them to create whatever they can.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Which Games Like Minecraft Do You To Play Best?

We offer a lot of lists of wonderful unblocked games for you to play like Worldcraft, Minecraft Flash, Minecraft Tower Defense, Minecraft Avoider, etc…Why don’t you explore our lists and have fun with them? Here are the best 2d Minecraft games free you should play: Wordcraft and Zombie Miner.


Play this 3d imaginary game to create whatever you like. Take a chance to experience an enjoyable feeling of mining, crafting, building, and discovering wonderful lands.
Worldcraft game

With 3D frame designed in the game, the players freely travel around their immense lands and build pretty houses or other structures they may imagine. All things are in the inventory. Unlock it and begin turning this 3D world into your own in your way. Generate a farm, a garden, or a luxurious restaurant. Then, grow many trees and flowers around to make them outstanding. Besides, hunt some animals to feed them in the farm. You can also generate a heaven-like resort like Maldives, Bali, Hollywood, and even Hawaii. All is up to your imagination and your clever skills.

Zombie Miner

Come on and prove that you are more sagacious and intelligent than deadly zombies. You must play the best shooting 2d Minecraft Unblocked game Zombie Miner to test your skills. The objective of the game is to challenge fans to find all ways and bring themselves from the dreadful world.

Zombie Miner Game

With its 3D world, the fans feel excited to find out its beauty. Before ensuring that nothing can kill yourself, you must eliminate all deadly zombies in this world. All what you have to do is at the bottom of the screen. Place blocks on a nice place and set up a high shack to live inside and avoid attacks of bad creatures. You can generate whatever you need to protect yourself and achievements. It’s interesting if you get more time for decorating the landscape around the shack by setting up a garden to plant vegetables to get food or growing lines of colorful flowers. Try to construct a stable defense system around your shelter too. Build a lot of lava pits to trap the zombies. Please, attempt to finish all structures and traps before 199 seconds. When the time is over, the deadly monsters will show up and attack you. Never let them break the defense system and your shack. Good luck!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 2 Awesome 2d Minecraft Games Online To Play

If you are a fan of Minecraft, it is sure that you often wonder which is truly the best and most attractive, right? With various versions and genres updated frequently, choosing the most fascinating is not easy, especially anyone wants to play games right away. Now, thanks to the list of 2d Minecraft games online free, all players do find the answer out to that question. Why so? The reason is it includes only 2 best ones chosen by many players around the world.


Are you busy doing something? Pause a little bit and read the two games listed below and see what they are!

Mine Blocks


Welcome to an open beautiful world in Mine Blocks! If you never enjoy any Minecraft Creative game, take your chance to see how great it is right now.
Mine Blocks Games

With its nice 2D frame, you wander for days to discover its fantasy. It’s time to use your imagination and clever skills to generate a world full of lively things. Keep your skilled creativeness playing the game and creating whatever you want day after day. This open environment game with awesome building rules gives you great moments. The first job is to mine materials on the ground. They are wood, rocks, sand, stones, and cobblestones. Make trees down to collect wooden blocks. Then, place these gathered resources to build structures on your chosen area. Moreover, use them to craft a chest, a bed, a table, a furnace, and a chair and put these items inside the completed structures. Don’t forget to change the world landscape to fit your needs by setting up a garden, growing lines of colorful flowers, and playing with cute pets. If you are interested in how to create a luxurious castle under the ground or in oceans, take your time to play Minecraft online games.

Mine Blocks is here to help you improve your skills including decoration skills, creativity, and building skills. Let it change you into a good creator in the future. Have fun!

Mine Clone v3


In Mine Blocks, you are free to create everything in 2D world, but this time you can generate it in a more hilarious 3D world. Desire to improve your building and creative skills every day? Explore Mine Clone v3 to experience new things and grab chances to set up cool constructions in a heaven-like 3D world. With this version, the players can create anything they can imagine.
Mine Clone v3

Why don’t you travel around its world and start picking a nice area for your own space. After that, open its inventory to select blocks like lava, rock, stone, wood, etc and construct an impressive house or an amazing castle according to your own way. more spectacularly, the players can also generate a beautiful scene by growing lines of flowers and trees.

Let’s go and see how more wonderful the 2d world or 3d world is in 2d Minecraft Online now.